Heedfulness Mission for Prosperity Church, Inc.


All donations will be address to Heedfulness Mission for Prosperity Church, Inc. in forms of check, western union & cash.


All donation will be treated equally and specifically to departments....church building, workers support funds, children feeding programs, medical/dental mission,  moral recovery programs, student subsidies programs, student school supplies programs, livelihood support programs, skills training and workshop support funds, general overseers support funds, indigenous people funds and other special programs for socio-economic and development projects nationwide.


 10% national contribution from affiliates, divided into 4 parts:

           25% general overseer love gift

           25% general office operation funds

           25% infrastructure funds

           25% local overseers subsidy funds


Recent Prayer Requests

  • Student appeal to study HS

    Mrs. Susan Pabillon Gupana of Sacol, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte, Philippines visited us and ask for scholarship grant for her 4 children who want to pursue their studies parti...
  • Barangay 2 Womens' Orgn. Induction

    Barangay 2 of Buenavista, Agusan del Norte Womens OrganiZation will conduct their induction of officers this 29th day of April 2011. Rev. Gene M. Pagtalunan, HMP Overseer is the...